GTFL fleet

GTFL fleet – Volvo FH-500

As GTFL owns a modern fleet of trucks: VOLVO FH-500 truck tractors, which meet EURO VI emission standard, we support ecological approach to transport and have the possibility of accessing places unavailable to those who fail to meet the standards in force.

Truck tractors are connected with SCHMITZ refrigerated trailers with DOPPELSTOCK system, i.e. double deck, as well as THERMOKING aggregates thanks to which goods are forwarded at the controlled temperature. The refrigerated/isothermal trailers we have comply with ATP (FRC) requirements. Additionally, two trucks go with tarpaulin trailers marked with XL CODE.

All GTFL vehicles are equipped with a vehicle monitoring system GPS which allows us to control the loads at all times. Any time we can retrace the route of the truck, check its current position and precisely define how much time the vehicle needs to reach its destination.

The fleet of trucks GTFL owns is no older than 4 years which makes it possible to avoid various malfunctions and delays caused by old vehicles. All repairs/servicing of vehicles take place at precisely defined times and only at authorised dealers whose vehicles we have. New and modern fleet ensures timely and safe delivery of our clients’ goods.

Strong points of GTFL fleet include:

  • Safety
  • State-of-the-art Technologies
  • Ecology
  • Reliability
Tabor GTFL – Volvo FH-500
Tabor GTFL – Volvo FH-500
Tabor GTFL – Volvo FH-500